Please put waveforms SIDE-BY-SIDE so you can mix/beatmatch VISUALLY :)

Please please please, just adjust the display slightly so that the wavaforms are side-by-side or one on top of the other (like Serato, Traktor, etc etc), so that you can mix and beatmatch visually. Been using Serato for years, but just bought an ipad and IDJ Pro and realized after the fact that there’s no side-by-side waveforms. This is a MUST-have function for modern DJing, and I feel that it’s probably not really a stretch for Algoriddim to implement this. Not asking for new functionality, just a slight re-arrangement of the display which is already there. I would actually pay $50 this moment for just that one addition :slight_smile: PLEASE make this happen.
Other than that, this is a fantastic app! Great job.


We’re proud to present djay 2. This feature is now implemented in this new version.

I would really like horizontal, I can see it’s a shame everyone has been asking for a year now.

Yeb, any plans on that?

Indeed! Been using (and loving) djay for 3 years now, and this improvement could be the deal breaker.
Parallel waveforms would make nudging and visual beat matching possible! (I prefer horizontal across the whole screen).
Please add soon!