Please respond quickly :)

Please respond to this : As i updated DJ 2 for Ipad i cant reach my playlists for Spotify ? I have one Ipad mini which is NOT updated , in this unit i CAN reach all my playlists?? What to do?(150918)

Is there an error code or is “unsupported URL” the only information given? (A screenshot would be helpful.)
Are your Spotify tracks still available at the Spotify App?

Ok, thanks a lot for the information. Did you set up your first Spotify Premium Account within djay or at the Spotify website?

Also, we’d like to know how many playlists you have and if the problem occurred to you before upgrading to iOS 9, as well.

Ok thanks! We’ve been working on this issue.
There will be an update soon that will fix the problem. We kindly ask for your patience in the meantime.

When i try to reach my playlists it stands : “unsupported URL” “try again”
The new feature save “history” in “songs” does not work either.

My ipad mini (not updated with the latest update dj2 ) still works good with playlists.
AND all of my ipads have the newest OS 9.0 from Apple, this does not affect DJ 2 at all)

I am now sure that the latest update for DJ2 has affected my playlists which is all gone inside the app … Please check this out and respond. Where are you Algoriddim employees? :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile: Anyone out there who have the same problem??

Yes the playlists are normal in the original account that been used for a long time in Spotify AND Dj2 . Now i have created a new account in Spotify , made copies of the playlists and put them in the new account AND IT WORKS in DJ 2…and normal.
Very strange … In my Ipad mini ( new OS 9) which is not updated with the new upgrades from Dj 2 , here works the old account wih the old playlists …
Try to explain this :slight_smile:
I have a rather new Ipad Air which is connected to a reloop Beatpad and a rather old Ipad “new” (3) which is both upgraded with the new versions of DJ 2.

We have a lot of playlists in “the old account” but i dont think Ios 9 has anything to do with this , same problem before and after upgrading the Ios. The problem started as i have told before AFTER the upgrade of djay. Now it looks like another user have the same problem (Jofre Sanfeliu) .
The Spotify account (old one) was created way back in time at Spotify website .