Please support MC7000

Any updates in mapping MC7000


Yes, I have the MC7000 and love it but miss playing with DJay Pro! Algoriddm…please support it.

Hey guys, 

each vote is pushing the implementation, we will keep you posted.

Hey there,

we are very happy to announce that djay Pro version 1.4.4 comes with plug & play support for Denon MCX8000 and MC7000 DJ controllers!

Sorry to let you wait. 

Cheers and all the best.

Lukas E.

I also agree, the MC7000 has a big advantage with two USB ports and a cheap price compare to the hardware.

Djay pro needs to provide native mappings for this controller or they will loose clients.

Specially when you know that there will certainely be a mapping for Traktor and VDJ.

Because this software is getting abandonned… :slight_smile:

Crazy to see the list of current supported controllers, Djay Pro is nearly 2-3 years late…

Hi Lucas, rather than saying the same thing every time you answer; can you just say straight out why is taking so long. Why do they need votes to keep up with technology, but mostly to keep their customer happy. I just don’t get it? Is it because they don’t have the men power? Or is it because they are just distributing their retain earnings among themselves instead re-investing them in personnel to keep up with everybody else.

Thanks Lucas, for when is the release being scheduled?

Any Updates!

Please support