Plenty to Praise - just dont let it be the last time.

Not often I feel I have cause to post praise on the latest version of Djay for iPad

BUT, since the last update pretty much every issue that I have come up with has been fixed and happy to say that Djay Pro for iOS is every bit as good a piece of software (better in many, many aspects) than the “Big Boys” computer software.

• Portrait mode now supports all the various layouts (was a major issue)
• Midi Mapping is superb (some more modifiers would be nice however :wink:
• iPad OS 13.1 update caused absolutely no issues whatsoever
• And now of course, we have folder browsing.

In fact the only gripe in recent times is the Firmware update system for the IDJ pro required a (very) old iPad running an older version of the software.

I’m not a fan of the subscription model, certainly not at the current price point which is higher priced than pretty much everything else. But, the software at this point has worked for me flawlessly and $40 per year is pretty much on-par with most other DJ software in the grand scheme of things (once you factor in new update costs).

I have no problems continuing to pay, so long as you guys keep innovating, but that also means adding useful PRO features such as alternative, professional means of streaming music e.g. Beatport Link / Tidal / Soundcloud.

So please don’t let this be the last time I issue praise and please don’t let us down for eternities like you did with midi mapping (which took an astonishing 7 years!).

We are paying ALOT more, and for that us users will expect ALOT more in terms of bug fixing, features and most important of all - communication!

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for your feedback and your words.

This means a lot to us and we are very happy that our latest update is to your satisfaction.

With our subscription model, we try to be more agile on improvements, fixes, and our users feature requests. 

I added your request to support further streaming services and want to thank you for getting in touch.

Lukas E.