Plss give time your android version djay app

hi good day plss please update the djay app for android it lags because it’s hard to beat match because it lags so much on the android 12 phone I connected it to my pioneer ddj 200 using bluetooth mode it’s so hard to beat match then I tried use a usb powered hub, it still lags, it’s still hard to beat match, even if the BPM of the song is the same, I hope you also pay attention to android users. Don’t fucos on IOS because we also have many android users bdw I don’t use it for big events, I only DJ at home when I don’t have work, so I only use my phone and controller…that’s why you should also take your time. when updating your apps for android users…I would have bought the pro version because it has a better design compared to wedj but it’s disappointing because you only focused on the IOS version and you didn’t give your Android version time I also plan to upgrade the ddj 400 controller and I still plan to use the djay app on the ddj 400. I hope you will notice my feedback, thank you, and I hope you will also add a pro mode like the one on IOS so that it can appeal to the masses Your app is beautiful… thank you for understanding me and have a nice day.

No responce? O my god

Plsss algoriddim rply