PLX-CRSS12s x Reloop Elite 👍🏾

Out of all the set ups I currently have, I’ve found that the Reloop Elite w/ my CRSS12s works best with Djay Pro. I also have a Pioneer S11 and a Rane 70, and while they work; the integration just isn’t as complete as the Elite’s.

One interesting thing is that sending the Rekordbox control signal from the CRSS12s has been more stable for me than the Serato control signal. With the Serato control tone I’ve noticed “skipping”, where the playback skips a transient unpredictably . The problem occurs at the boundary of a transient and usually seems to happen after a bit of beat juggling. I haven’t thoroughly dug into this, but I think the skipping only occurs with Reloop Elite + CRSS12s sending Serato control tone. I don’t remember it happening with the S11.

However, I’m pretty happy with the Elite, CRSS12s, and Djay Pro. Still have minor quibbles (mostly with the Elite), but it feels great to play on!

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Awesome set ups there.

Thanks @Dysfunk_DJ !

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One quick update, once I’d updated the firmware on the Reloop Elite the instability with the Serato control tone seems to have gone away.

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