Possible bug when accessing purchase pop up with wifi off

Hello and congratulations on your excellent software! I’m using DJay Pro on an IPad Air 2 iOS 10.0.2 and when I accidentally pressed the purchase fx option with WIFI switched off. After the warning that I’m not connected disappears the popup screen stays blank and I can’t get back into the app unless I close it and restart. Hope this is helpful.

Also, I imported my own samples and saved the setup as a preset but next day the samples weren’t there… I have had some glitches with iTunes on windows but thought I’d let you know in case you’ve encountered this problem before.

Only had the app for a few days. Some suggestions: individual sample volume adjust as I don’t play tunes with the same volume constantly and my samples are considerably varied in their volume levels (yes I know I should normalize but I have dozens of them), and sample fx perhaps could make sets more interesting and varied, as could individual sample looping/beat matching.

That’s all for now. Keep up the excellent work and hope to save up for the USB 3 lightning cable for external sound card use with headphones very soon…