Possible Solution for Beat Grid Not Saving.

Possible Solution for Beat Grid Not Saving.

So currently the Beat Grid does not Save and Cloud through all devices.
Having the Beat Grid set correctly is essential to Your music Library and in order for DJay to sync correctly, the Beat Grid must be correct. If Djay analyzes the Beat Grid incorrectly, every time an affected track reloads an incorrect Beat Grid will be present.

So how about an option to Force the “Set Grid Start” on a Start Cue Point if available?
See 2 photos;
1st with the option Unchecked
2nd with the option Checked

Need to keep this Problem current.
DJay team, this is a must issue.
Can this happen? Please respond,
Community, please vote for this.

Hey Lukas,
Any update news on our Beat Grid issues?

So it looks like we found the root of this problem.
Working this out with Alex,
it looks like correcting the beat grids on a track via DJay2 will mess up the beat grid on that same track via DJay Pro and vice versa.
Since I Personally prefer DJay2 over Djay Pro via iOS (Because of Pictured Vinyl).

When I’m Setting Cue Points and correcting beat grids on DJay Pro via Mac.
the beat grid will mess up on DJay2 but be ok DJay Pro iOS.

SO…it’s one or the other! but not both versions should be used at this time.
Giving users the ability to have pictured Vinyls on the disc on DJay Pro iOS
will solve this for me…Please make this possible!

Hi Mix Maste G,
It’s so funny you should reply.
I’ve been dealing with beat grid issues for about a year and after much frustration I googled for solutions and discovered your video a few days ago. I actually downloaded and registered Rekordbox. I was exploring the App when I received an email from Algoriddum showing me a method to back up beat grids…
And it worked. But after testing DJay2 iOS, I tested DJay Pro iOS and reset DJay2. So your theory makes so much sense.
After realizing that I should stick with only 1 version of DJay,
I had decided to rest my case. I’m desperate, so I will go ahead and try your method. Thank you very much

Hey Mufasa,

Yes, Djay will cloud in real time. I was told by a team member to hit the HOME button on your device after setting grid or cue. This will trigger clouding. This is useful when trying to cloud from one device to another.

NOTE, if the same tracks on both decks are playing and you set a cue on deck 1, hold the LOAD SONG (music note icon) and select DOUBLE on deck 2. This will allow Deck 2 to reload and reflect deck 1.

Also, this beat grids not saving on this post is not an issue. Look to my 3rd reply.

A team member should acknowledge this post as not an actual problem and should advice users to stick to only one Djay version.

Hi LaidbackFred,

i opened the discussion with our developers about synchronising grids via the iCloud. 
We will  let you know about changes regarding this issue.

Also your suggest work around is a good thing to talk about, thanks for that.

So i call on the other users to tell us what they think and push LadibackFred’s idea.

Lukas E.

Hi Fred,

From what I can see and read you know what you are doing, however the beatgrid and other meta data for djay Pro and djay 2 are stored in sandboxed, completely different locations on ios.
I think “syncing” though iCloud is causing your problems (so it appears that it is overwriting the data, but in fact it is overSyncing it with older data).

Syncing does not work per track it works per complete collection. The information about the beatgrid and cues are kept in one big file for all tracks. (so basically the last app open calls the shots for your entire collection).

Another issue that is related are that BPM values not being stored (basically the same thing).

I know this all because I wrote the djay Conversion utility that will convert Cues and beatgrids (first downbeat, and bpm) from either Traktor Pro or Rekordbox to djay.
And I had a really hard time with the ever disappearing beatgrids in djay (its fixed btw). Both beatgrids and BPMs are now converted correctly from Traktor Pro and RekorBox to djay and maintained.

In the documentation of the djay Utility I explain how you can sync your meta data with all iOS versions and MacOS manually (luckily they all use the same files just in different locations). Which is to prefer over autosyncing.

a demonstration is at


Hi Fred,

No problem, I think we are all in the same boat, we want the looks of djay 2 with the functionality of djay Pro, and that wont fit an iPad screen :wink:

However I hope Algoriddim takes my requests suggestions at heart, I dont need to work 4 decks on an iPad, but I do want some more customization (see my request list).

Is Rekordbox a work. around? I. E does Djay pro read data from Rekordbox prepped tracks?
I find out that beatgridding and cue set in real time is

  1. not saving
  2. not reflecting on the opposite deck when playing the same track on both decks