Post FX Faders and Resonance Level

There is literally one thing that’s stopping me from using my purchased DJay Pro for Mac in a professional setting more often, the fact that there are no post fader fx. Also, the resonance on the filters make them almost unusable at times, a way to adjust the level would be awesome.

I don’t care much about the filter, the post fader fx would be the reason I switch full time to DJay Pro!

Yeah the resonance makes it a pronounced fx while it would be much more useful to have it as a subtle eq during transitions.

I would very much love those two features. Post fader fx toggle (preferably per effect) and variable control of the resonance on the filter!

Hi! Will Post Fader FX be available in djay Pro for Windows? That would be nice!

Thank you guys for sharing your feedback.

I added your mails to our user list.

Lukas E.


Thank you for getting in touch. Post Fader FX are available in djay Pro 2 for Mac. You can find the setting in the Mixer Tab.

Yeah I want the reverb and delays to sustain after I out down the fader when the next song drops. Instead it gets really quiet and it ruins the smooth transition!

Reverb and resonance are also my two biggest problems.

Reverb should keep going until you turn off the effect, not die out when you switch the crossfader. Also, the longest reverb is only a couple of seconds – it would be such an easy fix to make it go to 10+ seconds. These are essential for transitions!

And I agree, the high pass / low pass EQ knob has a resonance that is suuuuper pronounced, and makes people literally cover their ears at parties. You could make the default less deafening or give us a few options in the settings.