Potential gig disaster!

Before DJAY Pro I was using Traktor Pro.

From DJAY’s marketing, I was led to think I could use Spotify to perform live i.e online and offline. I did some research and Virtual DJ 8 also provided a similar deal with their own unlimited audio monthly subscription £9.99. When I worked out the overall costings, DJAY came out cheaper, so I went with that. There was nothing stating that Spotify would only work online.

So I upgraded my free Spotify account to Premium and began practising my live set for my upcoming show. I setup an offline playlist, and activated ‘offline mode’ within Spotify.

Pratising at home I was automatically connected to the internet so i didn’t notice any difference, until I showed up to my gig last Sat!!!

I opened spotify and DJAY Pro, but DJAY wouldn’t load Spotify tracks without an internet connection, yet I was able to play my ‘offline’ playlists directly in Spotify?

I had to make a fast decision, either cancel my dj set, simply because I didn’t have the tracks I wanted to play in my iTunes library, OR play a completely different set unrehearsed and a completely different genre from my iTunes library. Luckily I decided to do that and did a great job, but was so disappointed I couldn’t play the tracks I wanted to from my Spotify playlists.

I’m left to wonder why I’m paying Premium subscription when I cannot perform live with it. I wouldn’t dare risk performing connected to a public internet connection anyway. So DJAY should in fact allow free Spotify accounts to work, as doesn’t make sense otherwise, if not at all.

I’m now stuck with DJAY Pro thats linked to my Apple I.D rather than a license that I could sell onto another person. I’ve also wasted a monthly subscription to Spotify and couldn’t even use it to perform at my gig!

If Virtual DJ is providing this service, then why is DJAY Pro misleading us into thinking they provide the same service with Spotify? And reading forum responses from Algoriddim, why are they acting as though it hasn’t been portrayed that way, and now saying Spotify won’t allow offline? This should be so clear.

The actual use of Spotify in your marketing campaigns is misleading and should be removed or clearly explained that it doesn’t work offline, and you cannot record with it either.

I have no choice but to switch to Virtual DJ and have unlimited offline audio monthly subscription.

I wish to be refunded for DJAY Pro through the App store as well as 1 month Spotify I have just paid.

I’m sure there are many people that will want the same from you.

Kind Regards

I do see your frustration. I think the first thing to be clear about is that Spotify isn’t intended for commercial use, so for home personal use only. I myself don’t play out anymore so for me Spotify is perfect as I can browse the great “old skool” and “house” playlist and have a good time. For you though I can see no offline being a big problem. Serato have a agreement with Pulselocker and that is set up for commercial use. Hope that’s helped.

Interesting read


I dont think there is anything clear about “spotify isnt intended for commercial use”. I strongly disagree and feel that downloaded tracks via spotify premium are no different then having them downloaded in your itunes. In fact I would say its more professional and reliable since itunes is a very unstable music player/media player at best and is plagued with syncing problems. The whole point to have a premium spotify account with DJAY is so you can play songs offline. Another way to look at it (as Brit chik mentioned above) is that you CANT even use spotify with DJAY unless you have premium account. Why does Algoriddim make you buy a premium account…you dont gain anything from this aside from free commercial breaks. I had a lawyer review the verbiage on algoriddim site and he agreed that it protrays that the user would have all the functions associated with a premium spotify membership using DJAY. I see a class action suit happening if this isnt addressed. I definitely WOULD NOT have paid for a premium membership had I known this.