Pots (gain knobs) characteristics

Hi guys,

perhaps someone else has noticed, but the characteristics of the pots are not necessarily the most appropriate.

The volume in the top 10% controls 50% of the total volume. And in the lower third (or half), you essentially barely hear a difference.

This is a problem because it makes 30% of the pot redundant and makes it harder to mix. Thus, every small movement has a BIG effect on the output signal in the upper third, which is understandable with a violin, but not necessarily with a dj controller. :slight_smile:

And the EQ pots cut very quickly and a lot out of the tone, maybe it might be worth a look. For example, -33% is already plentiful and very-very audible, yet it’s a very small part of the whole pot’s journey - it also makes mixing difficult.

I hope these things are manageable.



Hi @Imi_Trcz,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the gain-knobs (AKA pots) with the Community. I’d like to point out that we’ve been working on these and the LED volume meters indicators on controllers recently. We are still working on further improving the gain characteristics. We kindly ask for your patience.

It would be great if the rest of the Community would share their thoughts on this topic.

Cheers, G

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Missed this thread so l would like to add a suggestion to be able to kill the Gain at minimum level, helps a lot when spinning house tracks…

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