Powered Lighting to USB adapter cable

IOS Mobile Djing world needs a cable that can connect USB controllers/audio cards to iOS devices while bringing full power to them.

Currently there are some mixers that offer a built-in solution with a lighting connector but they’re usually overpriced. Other very good mixers need much more power that what’s provided by a standard lighting port. So the usual trick is to connect these through a powered USB-Hub which brings complexity and points of failure to the setup.

The idea would be to have a lighting to usb-host cable that also has an AC power input built-in that you’ll optionally connect to a 5V wall adapter such as those that power some usb hubs.

One would agree to pay a $20-$25 for such a useful accessory.

This is a good idea and something I was thinking of only yesterday!

You would still need the Apple Camera connection kit so the cable would be a normal USB A-B one.

I’m going to do some investigating and see what can be done.


Yes, you’re right, that would be very useful! Very good idea!