Pre-cue volume control with Pioneer DDJ 200 and Motu M4 on iPad

Hello. Thanks in advance for the feedback :rose:
I have my Djay Pro configured to have the cue channel set with my Motu M4 (audio interface) channels 3+4 (while regular main output of Djay is set for channels 1+2), on my iPad.

My question is: since the Pioneer DDJ 200 does Not have a knob for CUE volume (it only has a set of 3 cue buttons: 1, 2 and Master, to select what is being heard through the cue channel), is there an easier way to set CUE volume (both for deck 1, 2 or Master) besides going to DJAY Pro’s settings and setting the pre-cue volume there)?

I would have wondered that there would be a cue volume know somewhere in Djay Pro’s dials, besides the setting inside the settings panel, but I can’t seem to find one.

Any tips? :pray: