Pre-Cueing Button gone on iPhone?

When I activate pre-cue functionality on my iPod touch with iOs 8, no pre-cue buttons per deck appear. Is this normal? When I activate pre-cue functionality on my iPad, the little headphone icons appear which allow pre-cueing. Is this missing or I’m I just too blind to see it?
Thanks for your help.

This also applies to Android phone. When switching to pre-cue the buttons don’t appear and the left/right volume slider behaves weird. The iPad version works flawlessly though.

This is how the interface looks like with pre-cue (split output) turned on:

Besides this concerns my iPod and iPhone as well.

Hi everyone! I have the same problem with my IPhone apps (Djay2 and DjayPro). I bought a Traktor Dj Cable but regardless i activated the pre-cue functionality on no pre-cue buttons appear on the deck of the app!!!