Pre-Cueing Glitch

Often, after I load a new song into a deck and press Play on it, I hear it in my headphones.

The crossfader is all the way towards the currently playing song, and the Cue/Mix knob is all the way to Mix, but it sounds like a 50/50 blend of the two songs. Turning the Cue/Mix knob a bit and then back to Mix fixes the issue, but this should not be happening.


I am not experiencing this. What controller are you using? May be a mapping issue.


I’m using a Korg nanoKontrol.

It may be a MIDI issue, or it may be a soundcard issue. I’m using a Traktor Audio 2, which doesn’t work with Djay very well. I have to pre-cue using the main audio out (plugging my headphones into my headphone jack) and have the main output come from the Traktor Audio 2.

I’m mixing internally. The main output is from a Traktor Audio 2, which is connected to my computer’s USB port. The pre-cue is coming from my main computer soundcard, out of the main headphone jack.

I realize this is a weird setup, but the Audio 2 doesn’t seem to work with Djay too well - I had a lot of issues when trying to have it handle both channels.

Please tell them what system and software versions you use.

Can you tell about your “Devices” settings? Maybe you have set up the sound card incorrectly.

I Have a similar problem……