pre-cueing is not supported with your current audio setup

pre-cueing is not supported with your current audio setup
djay 3.1.4
apogee duet using firewire
macbook pro 10.8.2
main output:duet
pre-cueing:built-in output

Hi Ty,

Please try the following:

  • quit djay
  • open the “Audio MIDI Setup” app (located in Applications/Utilities)
  • delete “Aggregate Audio Device”
  • launch djay and try setting up your devices again

Hi Scott,

Which controller do you have exactly? The Numark iDJ Pro is an iPad controller and is not compatible with Macs.

That worked!!! Thank you so much.

Super! This makes my day!!! Thanks, Jens

hi there i am using djay with my mac and idjay pro as a controller, everything else works perfectly but i cannot pre cue, as in what ever is playing thats al i can hear through the headphones, i have tried everything from deleting aggregate to new mappings, even if i play the music from i tunes its still the same the music comes through the head phones as well as out of the rca out put, is there another setting some where that maybe causing this?? its like its only sending out 1 channel or not splitting the sound, no body else who uses this setup has this problem so i know it can be done but grrrrrrr