Pre-cueing not working on Denon DJ MC4000

I recently bought a Denon DJ MC4000 controller and tried it with DJAY Pro for Windows.

Pre-cueing is not working (the button is not even lighting up).

You can see an image of the current settings:

Strange thing: if I change the action Note D#1 to “Cue Monitor” the CUE button is lighting up but no sound comes out from the pre-cue channel.

I’d love to buy a DJay Pro licence, but this issue is blocking me.

Any hint?
Thank you

Could is be related to the two output soundcard issue ? It seems like Djay pro doesn’t see the pfl soundcard.

I just purchased Algorythm DJ today for the same reason. I would like someone to map the cue headphone monitor appropriately… At the very least the same support as on Mac for the MC4000.