pre cueing not working

hi everyone!
Since transferring my setup to a Mac mini M1 my djay pleasure is slightly fading.
I cant get the pre cueing in the app working anymore. Listening over earphones is giving me only the same what is on the main output.
I am using a pioneer xdj rx2 together with djay pro ai.
Is anyone experiencing the same problem? And does anyone have a workaround for this problem?

Thanks for your ideas.


Have you got a valid subscription?

The RX2 is only supported in the subscription version and not in the free one.

I do have a valid subscription, and it has worked before.

Check your settings, click on the cog and you’ll see this (make sure the controller is attached and recognised first).

Click into Audio Device Setup and in the next screen you’ll see this

Make sure your mixer is set to internal and the main out is on channels 1&2 and pre-cuing is on channels 3&4.

If they’re all set correctly then I’m out and it will have to be a ticket into customer services!

Good luck……:+1:t3:

Thank you for your clear answer. I am running djay on a Mac mini, which more or less is the same structure to check.
Strangely it is working again now, probably I had overlooked something.

thanks for the help!

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