Pre-Cueing on a DDJ-1000 with djay Pro for Windows 10

Having just updated to the latest version of djay Pro for Windows, (1.0.27493.0) I thought I would try out my Pioneer DDJ-1000, with the latest Native Support from Algoriddim. After a few initial crashes, I managed to get it working. However, there doesn’t appear to be the option of Pre-Cueing on the controller itself; just the options of “None”, Split Output” or “Speakers”. The latter referring to the laptop’s internal soundcard.

Is this correct and the intended work-around for the current support of this controller?
I currently use djay Pro 2 for Mac on this controller and it’s rock solid! I can forgive there being the lack of Jog Wheel Waveforms…

Hi Richard,

At the moment using your internal headphone jack as Pre Cueing Output is the workaround we recommend.

@AmatroX please also try to do so. Split Output is for using a Splitter Cable which you dont need in this setup.

Hi guys

Terry, did you install the designated driver of the SR 2 you can find it here:…

Also I forked another post of you to an own thread.

Same problem here…
When I set the Pre-Cueing option to Split Output, it works but still not right.
When I turn the knob to cue, there is no sound. If the knob is set to Master, the song will only be heard on the right side of the headphone and the MasterSound will be heard on the left side. Any solutions?

The compatibility list doesn’t say that pre cueing via the controller doesn’t work on windows (it does for other controllers like DDJ-RR). So can we pre cue on the headphones via the controller or not ? If not, will this be implemented in the future ?

The only limitation that is documented on the compatibility list for windows is the waveforms are not displayed on jog wheels. Is this gonna be implemented in the future or is this just impossible on djay pro ?


Hi all,

So I actually bought a DDJ-1000 yesterday and plugged it in my surface pro 6. I can confirm that pre cueing is only supported via the laptop headphone port, there is no option in the Djay Pro audio settings to pre cue using the DDJ-1000.

I think Algoriddim should update the controller compatibility page for Windows because it’s jot entirely accurate.

The experience on Windows seems ok to me, however I did notice some lags in the interface (not in the audio) especially when browsing Spotify playlists with the controller selector.

I read old posts mentioning it was impossible to place a track very precisely using the jog wheels. For a moment I thought I was experiencing this too but it’s actually because the jog wheel is pressure sensitive so you have to slightly press to move forward or backwards in the track. The precision is perfect and those jog wheels are simply awesome.

I really hope Algoriddim finds a way to implement the pre cueing in the controller and the waveform display, that would really make the experience perfect.

2 last things :

  • the mixer effects only works on the master output not on the individual channels and only 2 colour effects work (pitch and filter).

  • I also plugged the DDJ-1000 on my iPad Pro 2018. The audio interface doesn’t work, as expected, but the midi controls do. I was able to play tracks and use the jog wheels, play/pause, etc… but the audio was coming out of the iPad. I’ll try to use a usb hub to see if I can send the audio to my DAC but even if it works, there probably won’t be any cueing channel. It might work on an iPad with a headphone jack. I would really love to be able to use the DDJ 1000 with my iPad Pro, but I think the audio driver issue will be challenging to overcome, unless Pioneer releases a firmware to make the DDJ 1000 class compliant.

Hope this helps,

Okay I just tried an experiment with my iPad Pro 2018. With the usb-c adapter, and a simple non powered usb hub, I managed to use the DDJ-1000 with djay pro. The main limitation is that there is no pre cueing but it might be possible with another model of iPad if it has a headphone jack.

The trick is to route the audio through usb to a DAC or a speaker with a usb-b input (which means it has a built in DAC). The DDJ 1000 controls djay pro through midi.

It is super responsive, jog wheels work perfectly (except the screen which displays No driver), loops, cue points, performance pads, slip mode, etc… the mixer effects do not work (no surprise since the audio doesn’t go through the mixer). 2 colour effects work (pitch and filter) which means they are actually midi effects. Honestly it’s a much better experience than on windows, the interface is very responsive and neater on iOS.

It’s so sad that the pre-cueing doesn’t work. Algoriddim, please do something about this…


“Working” means 100%… Pre-Cue DOES NOT WORK VIA THE DDJ-1000 internal sound chipset. My guess is some kind of software lockdown from Pioneer to protect Rekordbox.

Which is fine, but just make a note of that in your supported controller list so we don’t waste time messing around to find it doesn’t actually work.

Thanks lads

Agreed, I’ve just recieved my £1000 DDJ 1000 which I purchased based on my previous experience using a Numark mixtrack pro with DJay Pro (windows).

I was totally unaware of the promblemd with cue prior to purchase s the DJay hardware page shows native compatability minus " DDJ-1000 (waveforms on jog wheel displays)"

Waveforms not showing on the platters is a non-issue. Being able to cue properly is an absolute necessity. Unfortunatly this falls under the banner of false marketing and for the sake of all those who’ve bought the extremely popular DDJ 1000 with DJay Pro in mind I’d hope you get this issue resolved swiftly.

I just purchased the DDJ SR2 because your website said it was supported, everything works except precueing.

unfortunatley pre cueing is the most fundamental feature needed for one to dj.

You have duped me and 1000’s of others by saying these controllers are supported without issue on your homepage.

i will not let this go, it is illegal what you are doing and you havent heard the last of it from me i can promise you that.

not only did i install the driver, i then formatted the pc, updated the pc, installed the djay and then driver. computer completely as new with only djay and driver installed. you must now by now that there is a problem through the sheer number of threads just like this one.