Pre-Cueing on Djay for Mac failing

I set up djay/Mac Main output to Soundflower2, set Soundflower2 as my input for Nicecast. Good setup, as when Nicecast is broadcasting to my Shoutcast stream, I can hear the music through my headphones (Built-In Audio).

(An long-ish aside: I need to set Nicecast to use Soundflower (2ch) as Audio Device, because the Mic on Djay is terrible. Low-qual sound that then deteriorates within about 10sec into a noisy/staticky mess. A very nice USB mic setup. So I send mic through GarageBand instead (where it sounds great), then GarageBand to Soundflower (2ch). I wish I could just use Djay as the AppSource in Nicecast – because Djay is mentioned as compatible with the broadcast of track info. But even when I do – using or not using Mic in Djay – tracks are not broadcast from Djay anyways. Track info broadcasts fine from iTunes. Sigh.)

Back to the error: I set Built-In Audio for Pre-Cuing in Djay while using Soundflower (2ch). It actually works for a while. I can lower the monitoring level on Nicecast to have Pre-Cueing stand out enough to precue quite nicely.

Then MIDI freaks out, and Pre-Cueing goes away (including the buttons above the track level sliders). The settings in Djay sound preferences haven’t changed. But when I go click on the headphones icon in the lower-right to activate pre-cueing again, I get the pop-up error:

[bold title] Pre-Cueing is not supported with your current audio device setup
[body text] An error occurred setting up your audio engine. Would you like djay to restore your audio setup?
[button options] ? Cancel OK

But neither brings Pre-Cueing back.

And the ?, which opens djay Help, brings me to a “Help Topic is not available” page. And, truth be told, almost all the links in djay Help fail this way.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for contacting us.

Soundflower is a software and not an external audio interface, so it’s not officially supported.

I’m guessing that at some point, something goes wrong with the virtual audio device and djay loses connection.

djay should also broadcast the tracks to Nicecast. Please make sure that you have the latest version of Nicecast.

What type of problems do you have exactly when you try to setup your mic with djay?

By the way, here’s how you can access all help articles:

  • open Help
  • select “djay Tour” on the right
  • choose any article from the left tab

Hi Emerald Gibson,

can you contact us via for in detail help?

Lukas E.

I use DJay Pro for working in second life. I am trying to set it up so my speakers on my IMAC 27 give me what we call the in world delay most times it is about 30 second. At the moment I hear the music live as I send it out and my voice checks. Not sure how I can get that back as it was before I changed headset this week. Any advice on getting the delay through my main speakers and hearing what is going out live in my headset would be appreciated