Pre-cueing on Hercules DJControl Mix

Hello I am not able to use the pre-cueing feature on my Hercules DJcontrol Mix.
Even if my headphones (AirPods ) are connected I can’t see them as an option in the pre-cueing combo menu.
So I am not able to listen the upcoming song. Can you please help me?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Andrea2013,

You need a wired headphone connection for pre-cueing. This cannot be done with wireless headphones. Please refer to the Hercules DJ Control Mix user manual for more details.

  1. Connect the speakers/headphones DJ splitter cable (included with DJControl Mix) to the headphones output on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. In djay Pro AI, tap the Dashboard button, then tap Settings to access the app’s settings.
  3. Enable Split output – Enable split output for precueing with audio adapter.
  4. Connect your headphones to the green output on the speakers/headphones DJ splitter cable, and
    your speakers to the black output.
  5. When you want to monitor a track, simply push the Monitoring button or on the DJControl Mix
    controller corresponding to the track that you want to monitor.

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