Pre-cueing problem on DDJ1000SRT

Hi There.

I am having a problem with PFL (Pre Fade Listen) or pre-cueing as it appeasrs to ne called in the DJ world (I am a long time audio engineer/entertainer and I am still getting used to the terminology here).

I have DJay Pro ai (on my 2014 macbook pro) and a DDJ 1000SRT.

My Problem is that if I select the DDJ-1000SRT in the pre-cueing dropdown in the device settings (see attached pic)

I have to raise the fader on the controller (with the channel cue button active) to hear the cue in the headphones connected to the controller……

This obviously puts the track in the PA system…. Not good.

If I use the internal headphone jack on my computer the PFL works BUT only on channel 1…. no matter which cue button is active I get the audio from channel 1

Please advise…. I do not want to use Serato as I do not like it and I do like your software but this problem (if it cannot be rectified) is a game changer

Please Advise.

Thank you

Hey Drappoc, i have quite the same setup but no problem with Pre Cueing =) try to not use the 9-10 channel for this. just let it open and unused. maybe it helps.

by the way: do you use your Crossfader? i dont know why, but mine has the “CUT” curve which is pretty annoying for me. maybe you have an idea how to change it to normal?

Thank you =)

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