Pre cueing using bluetooth?

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I am new to DJay. I have an iPad and an external sound card connected via USB C. I thought I could use the external Sound Blaster card as the main output to the speakers and the iPad’s build-in output to cue via bluetooth in the wireless headphones. I currently use the default output via bluetooth to connect to the speakers.

It seems that this is not possible and I need an additional sound card (with wired headphones). Is there a way for iOS (or DJay?) to see the build-in sound card as an output for cueing/main speakers? iOS control centre can see both outputs (see attached screenshot). Am I missing something?

Preferably, I would not use the split audio option if possible.

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Screen shot of the available outputs in control centre.

You don’t want to do this. Even if it was possible. The problem with Bluetooth is the latency or delay in receiving an audio signal. You wouldn’t be able to properly beat match in your headphones because the audio signal you receive in them would be delayed from the main audio output.

Your cheapest option is to use an audio splitter cable or buy cheap USB class compliant soundcard with main audio and headphone outputs. Alternatively get yourself a cheap DJ Controller with a built-in soundcard like the Reloop Mixtour.

Thanks for the reply. While i understand why this will not work in practice due to the delay (tbh low latency BT works okish without precueing), i don’t get why it does not work in DJay.

I am gettig myself a splitter cable before i get a ddj400. I’d still like to give a try to the BT/USB-C combo if i can make it work.

Any hints would be appreciated.


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Hi @miche,

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Unfortunately, one of the limitations of iOS is that you cannot route audio in the same ways that you can on macOS.

We are currently looking into providing some sort of work-around for the time being.

Additionally, are both the @miche and @Miche_e community accounts yours?

Hello @NathanielAlgo,

Thanks for the reply. Yes a work around wiuld be useful. Any idea about when this could be done?

Would Android have the same issues?

Both profiles seem to be mine, thanks for noticing.