Pre-Cueing with BlueTooth Headphones "only single source"

When DJ-ing with DJay Pro 2.0.6 on MacBook Pro (MBP Mid 2015 and before) I use the audio plug output for audience and the bluetooth connection with wireless closed headphones for pre-cueing. - Bluetooth in MBP 2009 and 2012 only with ext USB-BT-Plug, i.e. “Avantree Leaf” due to bad BT stability of MBP-
One thing I understand is that there is latency / delay of the wireless signal and sound compared to the audience speakers.
So pre-cueing for the next song I want to hear “mainly” only the selected track, but an anoying thing is that I hear “3” sources

  • the actual running track either low level on the left (selected: cue) or with full stereo sound (selected: mix) in delay to the official audience sound
  • the selected track on both sides
    and … both signal volumes can be only modified together by pre-cueing volume :frowning:

Is it possible to avoid this or add a switch to the pre-cueing window to isolate the pre-cueing track completely from the running program and ONLY adding the actual runing source when pushing the corresponding cueing button. This would be great !

Regards Wolfgang