Pre-Cuing Setup Using American Audio VMS2?

Having recently purchased djay Pro for Mac, I still cannot get my pre-cuing setup figured out using my American Audio VMS2 controller, which has a built-in 4 channel soundcard.

Audio Device Configuration:
Main Output: VMS2, Ch 1&2
Pre-Cue: VMS2, Ch 3&4
Djay Pre-Cueing Settings: Max volume, Cue/Mix slider all the way left (Cue)
VMS2 Hardware Pre-Cueing Settings: Cue/Mix slider all the way left (Cue)


  • With Deck 1 playing, crossfader to the left, and both monitor toggles OFF, I hear Deck 1’s track through both the monitor and headphones.
  • Turning Deck 1’s monitor toggle ON cuts off Deck 1’s track in my headphones.
  • HOWEVER, I cannot get ONLY Deck 2’s track to play through the headphones while Deck 1’s track is playing. When only Deck 2’s monitor toggle is ON, I hear both tracks in my headphones. When both monitor toggles are ON, I still hear both tracks.

How should I adjust my audio configuration and use the monitor toggles so that I can hear ONLY the track on the deck opposite the crossfader for pre-cueing?

I haven’t tested the VMS2 yet but from what I understand, the USB audio inputs probably only work in “external mixer mode”. djay Pro currently does not support this directly (yet) but you can try the following as an experiment:

  1. Make sure that crossfader of your controller is not mapped to the crossfader in djay.
  2. Make sure that both “USB/Analog” switches on the fron of your controller are switched to “USB”.
  3. Move djay’s crossfader all the way to the left.
  4. Now, ignoring djay’s crossfader, check if the pre-cueing and master outputs are now correct.

Warren -

Thanks for the prompt reply! Though I’m a little disappointed to learn that djay doesn’t support external mixer mode for now, the solution you provided seemed to start me on the right path.

After making the changes you suggested, I was still having trouble that I think was caused by how I had mapped the monitor toggles. Instead of mapping the VMS2’s “Cue” buttons over the line faders to Deck 1 Monitor Active and Deck 2 Monitor Active (as I had before), I changed them to Deck 1 Monitor Cue and Deck 2 Monitor Cue - and it worked!

Interestingly, it only works when I set the monitor toggles in the djay interface to Deck 1 OFF and Deck 2 ON, then just ignore them and use the mapped buttons to change between active cue tracks. Would there be a way to get those lighted headphone icons to respond to the mapped button inputs? A MIDI Output setting, maybe?