pre-cuing via mouse missing in djay Pro 2.0

In djay pro 1.4 and earlier if you had a list of songs listed you could preview via cueing device any song listed in your library without having to load it on a deck simply by clicking on the circle with the 3 dots in it.

This is an extremely valuable feature as you do not have to disturb your current set as you research other material on the fly.

As near as I can tell I would have to load any asset to a deck in order to preview now. This might be a killer for me using 2.0 unless there is a reasonable work around.

Was this intentional or and oversight or perhaps there is another way to do what I want in 2.0 land. Please put but this valued feature from v1.4 back in v2.0

Yeah most def, I concur and please add some color track markers, really helpful to color code the tracks to be played. And one more thing, in video mode, can you add an option to see output screen or wave form in the middle?

In the library, if you move your mouse over the album cover in the area of well no “heading”, you will see the preview play icon, neat.

I see it. Looks like there is a hot key ‘command/something’
I am not sure what key stroke that symbol is after command.

It sure would be easier to just hover and select it with the mouse since I am already there with my mouse highlighting it.

My vote is go ahead and leave the new way because I am sure you had a good reason but for us old dogs leave the old way in too. Pleeeeese.

I would make that separate request for video wave form in the middle on a separate thread that you are the author for. It will less likely get lost in the minutia of other contexts. That way it can be up voted on its own if others feel the same way.

Thank You Thomas Knoop! So simple I missed it.

You can preview by high light the song, then click on the library at the top of the deck from the drop down menu , click on preview track…I much prefer the old way

Thanks, for the info

@Edison. Yes, that’s it. The 3 dots moved from in front of the song into the cover. If you hover with your mouse you’ll see a play button to preview the song without loading it into a deck.