Pre-existing cue points have a mind of their own (Mixed in Key?)

For some tracks, djay shows me pre-existing cue points that I didn’t put there. I guess this is related with me doing pre-analysis with Mixed In Key (MIK) for my music or maybe my DJ pool hands out the files like that. For the rest of this explanation, I will go with the assumption that MIK put them there because they line up perfectly with what MIK shows me. Anyway, I’m surprised to see those there and a little bit worried about the implications because they also behave weird. The behavior is the same on iOS and macOS. I’m using the newest versions of djay on both OSes.

The behavior:

  • They are there even though I did not set them up. I guess they are loaded from ID3 tags because I can see a few additional tags when I view my file with an ID3 editor, most notably one called “CuePoints” (see my Kid3 screenshot)
  • When I want to remove them, it lets me remove them one by one, except for the last one. If I remove the last cue point on that track, all cue points get added again. My current workaround for this is to delete one MIK cue point, set up my own first cue point and then delete the rest of the MIK cue points

I’m wondering what the general behavior of these is supposed to be. What happens, for example, if I analyze a song where I had cue points set up beforehand? Will I lose all my set up cue points?

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The behavior I would wish for:

  • djay continues to recognize cue points, however they are currently recognized
  • once I start changing these, my own set cue points take precedence, the original from the ID3 tag do not get considered anymore, even if I delete all cue points

Bonus: we get the option of restoring the ID3 tag cue points whenever we want

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Hi @djjoejoe,

Thanks for sharing this information, along with the details of what you’ve experienced and your suggestions for what you’d like to see.

The bug you’ve reported here where the cue points seem to reappear when you try to delete them is one that our Development Team has been investigating, and a fix for this will be coming in an update in the near future. It was also reported in this Community thread. I’ll let you know when this has been resolved.

You also asked about using songs in djay that you’ve already set cue points for. If this is the case, then you should not lose them, but rather djay should read and import those cue points as well.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions. We appreciate your on-going feedback!


Please! And thank you! This has been irritating me for the past two months. Not sure what’s causing this. I also have some tracks with one pre-saved loop which can not be deleted, only for a small handful of tracks though. Not sure if mixedinkey did this for me, either. I don’t remember using the cue function for that program.

Hi @DJ_Norm,

Thanks for the additional information about the pre-saved loops not able to be deleted on some songs as well. I’ve sent that piece of information to our development team as well to determine if these issues are related, and can be solved with the same fix. I’ll keep this thread updated with any new information!