Pre-liste Player don't work anymore

for a few days I have been unable to pre-listen from the library, the library player does not advance and does not play the songs that I would like to load on the deck. Does anyone have the same problem or can you help me? thanks

Hi nimdaselector, We are sorry to hear that. Could you please contact us via and share a little exemplary screen recording of the issue? Thank you in advance and please add a link to this thread in the mail. Cheers Lukas E.

pre-listening not performed in any source, even on local files

dovrebbero aver risolto con l ultimo aggiornamento di qualche giorno fa, aggiorna dal windows store se non lo aggiorna in automatico. ciao

I am also having the same problem.  Used to work, does not now.  I can load a track in a deck and preview it on headphones while main on other deck is still playing, the preview just does not work anymore, on any source material.

I have the same problem. It’s a feature I always use. A few days ago I contacted algoriddim by mail and send a video showing the problem. Unfortunaly they haven’t reacted yet.
I use Djay Pro on Windows

I just received a mail from Algoriddim that they fixed the problem. I opened Djay Pro again and it’s working again. 

ho lo stesso problema con djay pro x windows, ho contattato ma non mi rispondono, puoi dirmi come hai fatto? Grazie