Pre-listening Issue with Reloop Elite Mixer

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  • Device model: mac
  • Version of operating system: last
  • Version of djay: Last
  • Hardware/controllers used: reloop elite

Summary of the issue:
Pas de pré écoute ça ne fonctionne pas

How to reproduce the issue:

I always have a problem with pre-listening.
My config
Ipad Air
Platinum Technics
Elite Reloop
If I stay in a built-in MIDI config the pre-listening works well.
But as soon as I go into the MIDI settings to configure the faders or buttons of the table and at that moment I no longer have pre-listening.
I only hear in the helmet if I mount the left or right fader.
Thanks for helping me with the settings.
Have a nice day for all!

Reloop Elite is natively supported. You don’t need to configure any MIDI settings.

You say it works well, so there’s no problem.

Natively the faders do not control the software since they are not configured in the built-in MIDI config.
And for Mid High or Low like no response from Djay des that we manipulate the buttons.
And when I go to Config.Midi the default config is replaced by another MIDI file and every time I set a button in noon it creates an extra file.
And at that point more pre-listening.
I’m taking catches tomorrow.

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It’s a hardware mixer, so presumably the audio setup is for external mixer - which means there’s no need to control the faders and EQ of the software, because the software mixer is bypassed. You’re using a real mixer.

It works like this
For recording I will plug directly into the mixer.
At least I’d have all the effects in the sound.
But finds it a pity because with virtial DJ everything is set up direct nothing to modified
With Serato the same.
But I prefer Djay.
Before I had Numark Scratch everything was niquel
But the Elite Reloop was more complete and nothing works the way I’d like.
So this is a problem with the DJAY MIDI file and settings.
It could make a fix given the software and machine prices.

I actually checked the VirtualDJ setup guide for the Reloop Elite before making my previous comment - and it’s an external mixer setup. The software mixer is bypassed.

With VirtualDJ you may see the controls on screen moving, but they’re not actually doing anything. Atomix use a “fake” mapping command to show the controls moving.

Once again, it’s a real mixer. You don’t need the software controls.

Perfect explanation @PKtheDJ. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your time.
Jay’s basic config goes very well like this.
As long as I have the pre-listening it’s okay
After for the recording if I lower the bass or something on the reloop is it going to be understood in the mix since djay does not respond to the command of the table without mapping midi?

DJay doesn’t need to respond, because the mixing is being done on the mixer, outside of the software.

Forget the mixer on screen. It’s not being used.

Take a look at the recording settings. They should be set to record from the Elite.

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Thank you very much
I’ll try this tomorrow and I’ll let you know
Good mix
Good evening

Sorry for my late reply.
I followed your advice well and it works well.
I have the pre-listening and during my recordings I have the effects
So I don’t touch up at the MIDI setting anymore.
Thank you very much for your advice.
Have a nice day and a good mix.


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