Pre-listening the cued song in automix?

would it be possible?

Hi Gustaf,

This is possible using any supported Pre Cueing device.

Can you tell us a bit more about your setup?

Please note that you need to be in the 2 deck mode to do so.

Hi Gustaf,

Using a Splitter cable you can easily setup your Computer to Pre Cue.

All you got to do is change the Pre Cueing in the djay settings to Split Output (please see the attached screenshot).

After doing so connect your Speakers to the Master Output of the Splitter and your Headphones to the Headphone Output of the Splitter.

Hi Gustaf,

the Automix Mode is working as a single deck view when using solely your Mac.

You can nevertheless always switch to a 2 deck mode without affecting the Automix in order to Pre Cue the next track.

Lukas E.

I have a dj mixer and the computer wired to the mixer. Could you Tell, for a noob, how i can pre-listening to songs When i am in automix mode…

I have a…

Thanks alot! And how do I exactly do to pre-listening a upcoming Song (having Spotify as source) in automix mode?