Pre-mixed playlist with transitions that can be saved and played at a later time?

How can you create pre-mixed playlists (with transitions and other effects) with Algoriddim that can be saved and played at a later time e.g. a party?

I have tried exploring several youtube videos and forum posts but nothing could point me in the right direction.

Just the basics are needed. Essentially, I don’t have a DJ for a party, and would like to create a pre-mixed playlist with transitions and other effects that can be created and saved before the party, and can be allowed to play without the need for human intervention with those effects.
Algoriddim would be the best since I would need all the songs from my Spotify premium subscription.

Thank you!

The solution is simple: record to a separate device. Take an audio out from your mixer and into a recording device, say a laptop for example. Or into a class-compliant USB interface into a phone.

You can’t record within the app when using Spotify tracks. This is due to Spotify restrictions, not Algoriddims.

You can’t record “within” the DJ Pro app when using Spotify tracks.

Pacemaker (which I think also uses Algoriddim) has an excellent automix feature (but also does not allow recording of Spotify tracks and I do not believe Spotify allow recording in any app/software). It’s only available for Apple devices though. It’s not a patch on DJay Pro from a manual djing point of view but I often listen to my Spotify playlists using Automix within Pacemaker to get a feel of how tunes work with each other.

Also, obviously you can build your playlists within Spotify and play them back through Djay using the Automix function (though that won’t show off your own mixing talents of course).

Hey there,

as already said, the record feature would allow to premix a set and play it later on.
But, as you also found out, due to copyright issues we are not able to allow recording while using Spotify in the software.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I see. So is this a function that is built into algoriddim, or would I need to record it using an External piece of software? What software would you recommend, and most importantly, would there be any degradation in the sound quality?


Thanks! Ya live mixing would be best, but I want to take part in the party, and budget doesn’t allow for a DJ.But I just realized that this recording possibility is disabled when using Spotify, and as I indicated in my original post, Spotify integration is the main reason why I’m using Algoriddim. Is there anything else I can do?

Ya that’s too bad. But is there another way?
I mean, there must be something else you could do otherwise what would be the point of mixing a playlist for hours and then throwing it away by not being able to save it, no?

you can record a session for as long as you want and then play it on the party so it will be mixed.

yes it is built in (there’s a red record button just under the logo) so you dont need any other software or hardware…
the problem is that its difficult to catch the mood of a party if you play a mix and dont mix in real-time…