Pre mixing with Djay Pro

1- I was wondering if Djay Pro allows the premixing of a whole evening of music, meaning not record in real time but program the song and the transitions between the songs in advance.
2- I’d like to have the manual to give myself an idea of the software Before buying.
Thank you.

Hi Michael,

As Robfuz mentioned, you can use Automix to let day mix a playlist for you. However, you cannot pre-program any specific transitions in advance. You can only set one transition setting for the entire mix.

You can create a playlist in iTunes and select that and have it auto DJ Thats basically what I do when I do a party just put all the songs I want to play in a playlist and basically move them up and down in the que of the program. It will automatically mix all the songs from your playlist in order . I hope this answered your question.