Pre queing using headphones with windows 10


Is there a simple solution yet to enable me to pre cue using the headphones on the windows version of Djay pro? I have a night coming up pretty soon and I was planning on using this so I can use spotify.


Hi Dee,

thank you for your post.
Which device besides your laptop are you using in order to pre cue?
We recommend the Griffin Splitter cable as a very easy to setup solution.

Lukas, Does this Griffin Splitter also work with MAC? I have a Mixon4 with a mac and also use an IPAD pro 12.9 00 and want to precue using my headphones with Djaypro 2

Hi Lukas

I have tried the griffin splitter cable but cant seem to get it to work, I have also tried an external usb sound adapter but no joy. If you can guide me on the exact settings I can give it another go.

Many thanks

I need help with the same issue. I cannot get the Griffin Splitter to work with windows 10