PreCueing Cable Options

Hey guys,
I’m in Chile, South America and unfortunately didn’t get the Griffin cable before I left. Is there any other option for me to be able to pre cue my mixes?
When I have my projector hooked up, I can use an HDMI to Pre Cue…but unless the projector is connected it doesn’t activate the HDMI port/signal.
I got just a regular 1/8th splitter and it doesn’t work.
What options that are common enough for to be able to find it here in South America.
I really need this ability! I’m desperate.
Thanks guys.


They ship to chile.

Extension cable is fine.

Thanks a lot Jeff. That looks awesome. My iPad Mini 2 is in a LifeProof case (tons of outdoor venues), can I use this with a 3.5mm extension cable or does it have to go directly into the headphone port?

Thank you Jeff! That was great help!