Precueing does not work on midi hercules dj control mix

Precueing does not work on midi hercules dj control mix. When I open the audio from the headphones in preview the audio is heard through the speakers. The configuration I have is the following:

  • Hercules dj control mix controller.
  • Split audio cable provided with the controller. Green color to the headphones and black color to the speakers.
  • USB-C to minijack cable from the smartphone to the split audio cable.
    -Smartphone Oppo find x5.
  • Paid version of Djay for Android v3.1.2

Can someone help me please?

Thanks in advance. All the best

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It works flawlessly with the iPad. Do you have Split Cue enabled for the headphones in the settings?

Yes. All the set Up in the djay app is ok. Maybe, it could be a problem from audio Split cable provided by Hércules (Green and black colours)? I’ve just ordered a traktor audio Split to verify It. When i turn on the music and sound Up headphones volumen control the music goes also to the speakers.

I’ve the same problem in Android and iOS…

Hey @Zorrobueno - Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this issue with the Split-Cue! The Traktor cable in my experience has been very reliable.

Please let us know if you have any updates when it arrives! Looking forward to hearing back. Feel free tor reach out if you have any other questions in the meantime.

Is the hercules controller bluetooth or does the Oppo find x5 have a headphone jack?

I have the same problem. When I connect my reloop beatpad, precue and master play through the master output on the controller.

Unfortunately when the controller is connected, i cannot re-route the audio anywhere else i.e. to a usb c hub adapter via headphone jack. It’s as if the controller overrides everything else and won’t allow changes to be made.

I’m having this same issue. Does the splitter that comes with the device not work for pre-cuing?

If the audio is routed through the controller, you can split the RCA outputs instead i.e right RCA (red) master, left RCA (white) headphones.