Precueing while broadcasting over AirPlay

Is it posible to do precueing with cable splitter while i’m broadcasting over AirPlay ?

And without split cable?

Master = AirPlay (stereo)
Cue = Headphone Jack (stereo)

If its an OS restriction, what about Ios6? Maybe they lifted it. Can you look into it? The split mono is meh. This config sounds interesting.

Thought so… alright, then i wont bother trying. Hoped we got something here to get around the split-mono, heh :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you are exploring ios6 this early!

Looking forward. Gonna be great

That’s too bad to hear, I would love to pre-cue on my headphones and play the mix trough Airplay on my speakers, this would be awsome and your olmost there with the hdmi/headphones idea.

Hi Omar,

Unfortunately, this is not supported.



You cannot use AirPlay together with the built-in output, with or without a split cable.

Even if this were possible in the future, I would not recommend using this setup due to the latency in Wi-Fi networks.

Nevertheless, iOS 6 looks very promising and our developers are already on to it. :slight_smile:

Bluetooth headphones in combination with AirPlay would be great

I also find that there is a delay when mixing with AirPlay can this be fixed on my end?

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Djay 2 able to master via AirPlay while precue on the headphones out?.


Any chance of revisiting this with iOS7. Just upgraded to an iPad Air but have not checked it out there yet. If any earth shattering finds, I’ll get back.

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Preview on ipad one side, music played other side via airplay.

I have djay2 and bought griffin splitter. I want something simple, but cannot get it work. I am a novice in turning tables so please help! Tried it for several evenings.

I want to hear the party music on the speakers via airplay in the livingroom from one turntable side, and preview the music on headphones on the other turntable. It never works, hear always mixed over speaker, or one turntable on either headphone or speakers, but never such a simple thing i look for. Preview music and other turntable is live music. Please help!

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Can Air play be used simultaneously with headphones?.

I’m trying to use my wireless speakers for the master volume and my headphones for cueing but I am unable to figure it out. Thank you

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Headphone Pre-cueing and airplay to main speakers.

Is there a possibility in future to use a headphone for pre-cueing and simultaneously use airplay to play the mix to the main speakers instead of using a Physical split output mode ,this to avoid cables to speakers?

Nowadays ios8
Precueing while broadcasting over AirPlay can do it now??
it is so important for DJs who always travelling eveywhere!!

This has been the most wanted feature in the vjay app and even after 3 years this is still never addressed. Any idea when this feature would be introduced?

Any update on this? Is it possible to use AirPlay but pre cue in iOS 8/9 on headphones? Using iPad and Pioneer Wego3.

Please make this feature available

What I do its to redirect sound to air play, connect splitter cable to TV aver replug to sound system. Only one cable and works fine!

With mac but not with iPad …

Ii seems this finally has become true. Is it an macOS Sierra Feature or a genius Djay Pro feature. I can listen to airplay and pre-cueing on a headphone thru the internal connector!!!