Precuing with Griffin Imic


have problems with precuing on djay pro - when i connect the Griffin Imic and select it for precuing a constant noise gets out of my headphones, precuing impossible! However, in djay 4 precuing with the imic works perfect! How is that possible? What does djay pro different in configuration? Would appreciate any help, djay pro without precuing is worthless…

My setup: I use an Imac 2007 on El Capitan.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, 

thank you very much for contacting us and sorry for the delay!

Please try out the following: 

open your djay Pro and plug in the Griffin Dj cable into your headphone jack.

then connect your headphones with your Griffin DJ cable

now click on the headphone symbol on the top right of your djay Pro interface and select Split Output and apply

now when you push the crossfader to the left you automatically hear the sound on your right deck.

I hope I was able to help you! 

Have a nice day.

Hey Alex, thanks for your reply.

Since the Griffin imic is an external usb soundcard, your description doesn’t help much… maybe you have another suggest? Obviously Djay pro configures the imic wrong. As described, just constant noise gets out my headphones after i chose the griffin imic for precuing. However, in djay 4 everything works fine…