prelisten. how much decks ? autostart song at the beginning ?

Hello, i have DJ Pro for Mac. what is a good solution if have 2 decks of playing in the automix mode and want to prelisten songs. enabling 4 decks ? and the 3rd deck is for prelistening on the headphones. or is it possible to play automix with the songs from the queue only on one deck, and the second deck is for prelistening ? Is it also possible to start when automix fades to the second deck to start the song from the beginning ? Thanks for some tips

Hi Dirk,

If you just want to preview the songs, then you can also use the “Instant Preview” feature, which lets you listen to the sons without loading it onto a deck. Tap the icon on the left side of the song and click on the play icon in the pop-over.

By the way, the next song usually always starts from the beginning. Please open “Preferences” and go to “General”. Is “Jump to cue point” turned on? If yes, then try turning it off.