prelisten on idj pro

I didn’t figure out yet how to manage prelistening a song while playing another song.
Can somebody help me? And is there a online manual?



You need to enable “Split Output” in the settings. Click on the cogwheel button below the record button to access the settings. Here, you can also access the in-app help section.

Do you mean that the sound only comes from one speaker (left or right)?

thanks Warren, that works now. What doesn’t work for me is the master output while using the split-output: precueing sounds fine but master output is in mono :frowning: Any solution for that issue?

sound comes from both speakers, but there is a distinguished difference in sound quality when switching between split-output option

sure, thanks, it makes sense. i am following a discussion where it is mentioned that the app of Algoriddim is expected to have an update. In combination with ios6 this whole issue should be saved then. If not, I really regret having bought the Idj Pro

Hi Warren,

Any, any news yet??? We are all desperately waiting and want the IDJ Pro to be a succes instead of a Pro Failure.

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Basically, the main output is in mono (not stereo) and the headphone output is also in mono (not stereo) when you use the split cue option. I thought the main reason for getting the IDJ Pro (over the IDJ Live) was to avoid having to use the adapter cable and to be able to have master/cue capability in stereo. I just bought mine a couple of days ago and if I’m stuck with mono audio monitoring or the headphone jack workaround, then I might have to return it and look for something else.

The only way I’m able to get stereo sound is by disabling the split cue function but then it won’t allow me to cue up a track in the headphones. I hope that makes sense.

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