Pressing a key that is not assigned to a keyboard shortcut will select a song in the library.

Device model: MacBook Pro 2020 (Intel)
Version of operating system: 10.15.7
Version of djay: 5.1.6
Hardware/controllers used: Audient iD14 mk II, KORG Kaoss DJ, KORG Nano Kontrol

Summary of the issue:
Pressing a key that is not assigned to a keyboard shortcut will select a song in the library that contains that character in its metadata(Title, Artist, Album, etc.,) on its own.
This is completely unintended behavior and very annoying.
Moreover, repeatedly pressing those keys may cause the application to crash.

How to reproduce the issue:
Pressing a key that is not assigned to a keyboard shortcut.

Hi @discocactus,

  1. The dev team would like to get more details on the behavior you’d like to see when pressing unmapped keyboard shortcuts. Do you simply want nothing to happen when pressing unmapped keys?
  2. Also, the engineering team would like to have a look at your crash reports. Can you please submit and official support request via djay Settings>Contact Support? Thanks!

Hi @Slak_Jaw ,

  1. It goes without saying.
    Nothing should happen when you press a key to which you have not assigned a command.
    Would you want to use an application that behaves in a way the user did not intend?

  2. I can’t find a Settings item or a Contact Support item in the application.
    What are you saying?

Hi @discocactus, within djay on macOS, navigate to djay Pro>Provide djay Pro Feedback.

Hi @Slak_Jaw ,

OK, thanks.

However I tried to reproduce this crash to send a report, but now it no longer reproduces.
So I tried to send a report of two previous keystroke crashes, but the report for those times in DiagnosticReports had already been deleted.
Does djay store previous crash reports elsewhere?
If not, the number of reports stored by MacOS is very small and I think it would be better to have the djay application store the reports on its own.

The fact that I used to be able to reliably reproduce crashes on the same day in a row, but not now, makes me think that the crashes were not the result of keystrokes and the resulting unintended actions, but were caused by library operations.

I have experienced many other crashes of djay besides this one, and most of them were caused by some manipulation in the library.
The djay library is prone to inconsistencies, and djay seems to be prone to crashing when inconsistencies occur within the library.
Especially after some changes are made to the song files outside of djay, djay may not be able to update those information properly and inconsistencies may occur.

I have a lot to say about the vulnerability of djay’s library, but that is not the topic of this topic and is complicated, so I will leave that for another time.

Anyway, the unintended behavior of pressing a key to which a command is not assigned is still occurring, and I would like to see this improved.

Hi @discocactus, I just wanted to follow up and let you know this has been addressed and will be included in an upcoming djay update (likely 5.2). Thanks!

Hi @Slak_Jaw ,
Thanks for your update.
I’m happy to hear.

You’re welcome @discocactus

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