Preview song (midi) not working for first song in playlist (iPad)

Selecting midi preview for the first song in a playlist does nothing. All other songs work. The song preview will start if the list is resorted and the song is no longer in the first position.

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Tested and confirmed.
There is no way to preview the first song in a playlist using Midi.
This applies to all types of playlists ie. Djay, ITunes & Tidal etc.
There is only one place I have found that you can preview the first song, and that is if you select “Music” which is all ITunes tracks (not a playlist) and only if it is not sorted/filtered.
Re-sorting or filtering playlists does not allow the new first song to be previewed (and trying to then find the song you were originally trying to preview is unusable in a large playlist).
Only current reasonable work around is to use touch on the screen to preview, until bug is fixed.

iOS 14.4.2
IPad 12.9"

Hey guys, thanks for reporting and verifying this bug in the MIDI preview command. We really appreciate your collaboration in helping us improve djay.

I’ve escalated this to our developers and they’ll work on fixing this as soon as possible. We kindly ask for your patience while they do so. Thanks for your understanding.

Hey guys,

This issue has been fixed in the latest djay for iOS update (version 3.7.6).

Let us know if you ever find any other issues like this.

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