Previewing Tracks / headphone button

Before the last major update, when the “preview track with headphones” button was activated, selecting the track (by pressing anywhere) would not load it but rather let you preview it.

Now, the button doesn’t seem to have any function at all except that the track plays immediately when using the new and small (…) button.

Any way this could get changed back to just pressing anywhere on the track to preview?

Hi Lukas, thanks for your reply! I’m using a Traktor MK2 with DJ2 on an iPad Air first generation with a 30 pin / lightening converter. I switched over from Traktor when the MK2 wasn’t compatible with their own app - and DJ2 was compatible! Saved my neck, never went back.

The preview function works fine, as far as I can tell. However, before the last major update, just selecting a song (anywhere) while the headphone icon was activated would let you preview it and not LOAD it. Now, the user has to press the little (…) button to preview - if the headphone icon is activated or not - making it almost pointless. Perhaps this is just a new ‘feature’ and not an issue? I liked it the way it was before, less accidental loading, especially from the cue.



Did this use case change, because many djs just preview their songs in the non active deck?

Hi Andrew,

could you give us some more informations about your setup?
Are you using an external controller besides your iPad?
Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.