Previews in browser

Hey guys,

we would be happy if you could add a preview tab for the browser, something like here:

How do you feel, is this possible?

Thank you, happy new year all!

Please yes, that would be awesome! I sometimes open songs just to see whether I’ve set cue points at specific places, this would make that much quicker.

Bonus: make the preview clickable/touchable and play the song from that point as long as we click/touch

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Happy new year to you all.

Yes, this new addition would be great too.

How do you see in which playlist you have added the song?

With Itunes I can see it and possibly even enter the playlist of my interest, ditto with Rekordbox.

How do I do with Djay Pro AI for Mac?

Did I miss something?

Hi @Imi_Trcz,

Thanks for the feature suggestion!

I will make sure to pass this along to our dev team for further consideration.

Have an awesome day!

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