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:raising_hand_woman: I‘m new and I was just about to get the Djay Pro AI App from the apple appstore. Funny I found two different prices for yearly subscription. If I am in the AppStore with my MacBook it says the yearly price will be 49,99 Eur. If I look it up in my iOS device (iPhone) it says 29,99 Eur yearly. On both AppStore’s it says ‘one discription for all devices. Can anybody help and explain why there are two prices ?

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Before they change it I’d quickly grab the cheap option. :laughing:

Are you perhaps logged into different accounts / regions on these stores?

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Thanks to your reply I grabbed it and it works :heart_eyes:. 29,99 EUR yearly, yessss​:relieved:
Actually I found out that my partner was logged in on the AppStore on the MacBook. I confirmed on my mobile phone my subscription (with the lower price) and then I switched the login on the MacBook and everything worked out perfectly. Maybe I got the lower price because I had bought Djay pro before it became a subscription.

Hey @Luminous ,

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for making your first post.

We’re so glad you could take advantage of this limited promotional offer based on your region!

Thanks for purchasing your subscription, and we hope you enjoy using djay Pro AI.

If anything comes up, feel free to post again in the Community, and we’ll be happy to help. :relieved: