Pricing information?

You guys seem to be a bit shy about telling a new customer how much the software actually costs!

I’ve found the ‘in-app purchases’ section in the app store & am greeted with a list of various options ranging from £0.00 to £48.99

So can I please ask how much is it?

In the App Store description, there’s a section titled „Subscription Information“, stating „(Monthly ($4.99) & yearly ($39.99)“.

And you will know for sure when you try to subscribe inside the app as it will show you the pricing there.

Thanks for answering DJJoeJoe - it’s very much appreciated.

The pricing you’ve mentioned shows up in the iOS App Store (No mention of Monthly or Yearly in the Mac App Store). I’d definitely prefer to £35.99 price as opposed to the £48.99 price.

Hi there and sorry for the late reply to this thread.

I wanted to share a pricing table for our current apps that you may find helpful. Please note that these prices are subject to change and actual prices may vary depending on currency/location. Please check your App Store for the most up-to-date pricing information in your local currency.

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