prime 4

Native suport request for Denon Prime 4
Please had support for Denon Prime 4.
It’s an amazing equipment, it already kinda works well with the midi mapping created from a user in this forum…
Just need to add prime 4 screen usability, the VU and cue lights, extend it to 4 decks and some more refinements.
for sure this support request could be extended to rest of prime series equipment.
That way your support for Denon equipment would be complete, Denon users and djay pro users could really benefit from this!

thank you in advance for you best appreciation.

Do you work for Algoriddim? But like the young lady said above, couple of people have already mapped it almost perfectly, the only problem I ran across was the “squiggly” jog wheels while trying to scratch,I’ve tried to use different settings to reset this but I’m sure if they made it official this wouldn’t be a problem, I can actually do without the screens, one of the people that did the Mapping was supposedly in direct talks, said that is actually on the list with her so many other controllers in front of it being mapped first, so it may be a possibility or may not , I would like to hope that there is a chance. If not oh well

No chance