"Pro" is a misdescription

I just bought the “pro” version having already bought the iPad and original Mac versions.

Like many I am disappointed there was no upgarde path but I made the choice so I’m not complaining.

I like the clean uncluttered layout, but I am afraid the “pro” label is a misdescription. Lots of issues e.g. inflexible midi integration, no end of track warnings, but the main resaon this is not a “pro” version is that there is no way of manually beatmapping or overwriting bpm. If I had my time again I would not have bought this software. There are lots of adver-reviews on internet comparing “pro” with Traktor… Sorry Algoriddm you have some way to go yet.

An adjustable beat grid like serato and traktor has would be nice since this software doesn’t know the difference between a kick and a snare