Problem connecting to Apple Account

Hello, I updated djay to 5.0 on Android, so I’m trying to connect to my Apple account to benefit from the pro features on my device because I also have it on iPad, but I have the message after connection “invalid session” so I cannot use my flx 4, Can you help me please.

Hi @Anubis,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the latest version of djay for Android.

So that I can better assist you, could you please answer the following questions:

  1. What make/model device are you using?
  2. What OS version of Android is running on your device?
  3. Could you share a screenshot of this pop-up message?
  4. Does this happen regardless of whether you’re on a Wifi or cellular data connection?

Happily awaiting your reply. Have a good day!

Hello, this happened since I changed the email address of my Apple account because I purchased my subscription via the Apple store. I have several devices with DJay installed on them.And we’ve all had this problem ever since.So I have:

2 mobile phones:
Xiaomi 13 with android 13
Redmi note 10 pro with android 13

2 Laptops:
1 Asus ROG G15 with windows 11 Pro
1 Dell Latitude 3340 with windows 10 Pro

1 iPad Pro 12,9"

I use WiFi on these devices, here are some images of the messages on this equipments

I think this happened because your account system has not updated the email address which is linked to my Apple account… So there must be a conflict

I am having the same problem after changing my Apple email / logon account. Please help!

Hi @Anubis @DJDon,

Have you all continued to experience this issue in the latest version of djay on Android, Windows, and iOS?

In the newest updates, we’ve added some stability fixes that may alleviate these issues.

Please let us know if this continues to occur for you so that our engineering team can have as much data to work with in their investigation. Thank you!

Yes, I have updated to the latest version. This seems to be the issue:

  • Changed Apple email account / logon
  • When trying to log into the cloud backup in app I get the error message “Invalid Session”
  • Possible Issue: Djay is not recognizing the new Apple account and looking at the old one so it won’t log in because it doesn’t see a valid subscription to the app
  • Need to get the Apple user updated in your system


Hi, still the same on my devices with my apple id