Problem mapping I-Mix Reload MKII

I ́m totally unable to correctly map the jog controls to scratch on either two decks. No matter what kind of controller I choose it’ll allways makes a scrub and allways in the same direction (only forward) but never scratches. Also with the other encoder possible (scroll list) is the same story. I wonder if this is a bug in Djay Pro as I have no problem with another software as Traktor…

Hi there, 

thank you very much for contacting us!

In order to map your jog wheels correctly please follow these instructions:

open djay Pro

connect your controller to your Mac

click on midi

click on configure…

touch the jogwheel 

now click on “show advanced control options”

now adjust “Reaction” and “Speed” 

Reaction: for jog wheel controls, change this slider to determine how smooth vs. responsive a movement of the jog wheel should be. A “smooth” setting will make slow movements of the jog wheel sound more clean, but with a lower reaction, whereas a “responsive” setting will make movements of the jog wheel have a more immediate effect in djay Pro. Try to find a setting that matches your desired behavior of the jog wheels.

Speed: for rotary-type controls (incl. jog wheels), change this slider to determine how much effect a given movement of the control will have (i.e. “how far” it goes). 

I hope I was able to help you. 

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