Problem since new update

Since this new update, after mixing, the deck thats “playing” i cannot adjust the pitch unless i go below centre point. i get a visual slider showing its increasing but the speed does not increase. I’m using idi pro. Also whilst mixing i was drifting so i hit perfect sync and the pitch was all over the place!! Whats going on??? iPad 2

The BPM slider works in “MIDI Pickup” mode, meaning that if the BPM slider in the app gets changed, you first need to move the physical slider to match the value in the app before you can change it. This feature avoids sudden jumps in the tempo, especially when you’re using the sync feature.

My idj pro does the same, if you look on the ipad it gives you a visual representation of where the slider is set and where it needs to be moved to in order for the pitch to start changing, as for hitting the perfect sync and the pitch going, that will happen if the bpms are different, make sure key-lock is turned on.

If a tune is playing I should be able to adjust the bpm by moving the slider on the idj pro. I can move it from centre to fully + and the bpm stays the same although the iPad shows me moving it? It only changes BPM when I go down passed the centre and back up ?Does that make sense?